THE NCBCT

NCBCT is an independent and non-for-profit Competence Based Education Training College situated at Mbweni in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It is a dynamic, goal focused, career orientated higher learning institution offering an extensive range of certificates, diploma and professional programmes alongside professional courses. It is registered by both NACTE and VETA.

NCBCT focuses on programmes that are relevant to today’s challenging workplace, allowing our students to develop personally, professionally and academically in a supportive environment. Programmes range from short courses, evening classes (part-time) to full-time courses that train people to the highest standards.

The qualifications of our expected graduates will be internationally recognised as NCBCT programmes are validated to the highest standards both nationally and internationally. Our students’ new qualification stands not only for the academic achievement but also a deeper understanding of their subject in practical terms.

         Why study at NCBCT

  • Commitment to excellence throughout, our institution aimed at the finest quality standards, with accredited and globally recognised awards, with highly experienced and qualified lecturers and trainers dedicated to providing to the very best international standards of teaching and learning excellence.
  • NCBCT staff has many years experience caring for and supporting students.  Our college is a student-centred, friendly and supportive learning environment, with a comprehensive student service.
  • NCBCT programmes are industry-aligned, updated and relevant programmes designed and delivered to encourage students to develop a sound mix of theoretical, practical, and up-to-date knowledge, skills, and know-how.
  • NCBCT offer Career Guidance & Graduate Progression assistance, alongside opportunities to complete particular Industry certification assessment, to enhance graduate profiles of students.
  • NCBCT also offers as part of its facilities a library, a multimedia resource centre, free WiFi, as well as computer lab.